Cowboys Fans Call Each Other Out Over Eagles Game

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are bitter NFC East rivals, and the fans generally don’t care for each other.

Since the Dallas Cowboys finished the season 9-7 and missed out on the playoffs, their fans were sitting at home watching the game without any rooting interest.

Because of their intense rivalry, Cowboys fans usually don’t root for the Eagles to succeed. However, some fans seem to be making an exception this season, claiming they are rooting for the Eagles because they represent the NFC East, but other die-hard fans aren’t having it.

One Cowboys fan called out his fellow fans and questioned their loyalty to the team if they root for the Eagles to beat the Minnesota Vikings.

“Some #Cowboys fans would cheer for the Eagles in the SB because of “conference loyalty”? Sounds like a bad case of herpes to me. I had to put condoms on my thumbs just to tweet that first sentence. Y’all gross,” one Cowboys fan wrote on Twitter.

“I’m cheering for the Eagles because of my hatred for a Patriots fan. I had to mentally prepare for weeks. Sucks bro…..why couldn’t the Falcons just keep it together?” Another fan responded.

“Cowboys fans are not allowed to root for the Eagles. Ever. It’s outlined in the Geneva Convention. Didn’t they get that info in their Cowboys fans orientation packet?” Another fan said.

Even though the Cowboys did not make the playoffs, it doesn’t excuse fans from rooting for the Eagles. The whole point of being a fan is to root for your team during the good and bad times. The fans claim otherwise are just a bunch of bandwagon fans that probably only started rooting for the Cowboys after they went 13-3 last season.

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