Byron Jones Weighs in on Kris Richard’s ‘Eye-Opening’ Coaching Style

​The Dallas Cowboys have had difficulty utilizing defensive back Byron Jones to his full potential through his first three years in the league, from starting as a cornerback, to moving to safety, and now moving back to the corner position. However, this year is a lot different for Jones.

He has a new coach to develop him into a dominant cornerback, and that man is ​Kris Richard.

In an interview with Patrik Walker of 247Sports, Jones notes what makes Richard different from his previous coaches and what made the Seahawks secondary so special. 

​​”He’s a young guy. He’s got great energy. He wears his cleats out there, running patterns with us and stuff. He’s got good quickness out there. He’s suiting up in the cleats and everything. …It’s just energy,” said Jones. “He’s out there with us. And he makes a point about that. My coach is out here doing drills with me. The wide receivers can’t do nothing on us. So …we’re just having fun with his energy and the talent he brings. He brings a lot of juice to this team and we all appreciate that.”

So that’s all it takes to motivate and create a dominant secondary: throwing on some cleats and participating in drills with your squad. It’s important to note that the drills are very aggressive, which does show when looking at old game film of the Legion of Boom.

Ever since being hired, Richard has ​expressed his excitement in working with Jones, who he says has the same “prototypical” build as Sherman, which is glowing praise to say the least.

With a plethora of young players in the defensive backfield, Richard has the potential to make the Legion of Boom 2.0 in Dallas, and from the sounds of it, Jones will play a key role in that.

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