Cowboys 1-on-1 Video Visit: Jaylon Smith on health, Dez & biz

Jaylon Smith doesn’t actually drink coffee on a regular basis.

“Only when I’m inside The Star for meetings,” the Dallas Cowboys’ charismatic linebacker tells me while we’re being served a couple of cups o’ java that we never touch. “Gotta drink it in there during meetings to stay warm — they keep that building cold, man!”

Jaylon will be involved in meetings and practices and games and continuing the pursuit of his Cowboys dream — building from being the 34th pick in the NFL Draft two years to continuing to overcoming that infamously devastating knee injury — soon enough. But for the next few weeks, he’s got some spare time that he wishes to manage just right. That includes fun dealings with Lyft (see our Video Visit over coffee, above, to learn more, and thanks to Lyft for the get-together, which is part of its “Ditch My Ride” program with Jaylon) and his own business as an entrepreneur about to launch a sunglasses line.

Oh, and then there’s that other dream, the one he recently told Twitter all about …

I ask Jaylon whether he understands just how seriously Cowboys Nation may have taken him when he mentioned a Dez return.

“The social-media platforms, I like to interact with the fans,” he says. “And yeah, I had a dream that my ‘big bro’ was back with the team. So I shared it with the fans.”

When I tweeted about it, Dez himself seemed to get a kick out of it, retweeting his way into the fun.

And the two really have grown to be close friends, and that extends beyond their all-too-brief two seasons together. But of course, Bryant and the Cowboys have moved on, turning to a next generation of guys like Smith, who says he brings his “Clear-Eye View” into everything he does.

I’ve always talked a ‘Clear-Eye View’ and a focused vision and determined belief and earned dreams,” he says. “There is nothing cliche about it. It’s what’s helped me overcome some adversity that I’ve had in the my life. It’s been that fuel to continue to develop.”

Inside the Video Visit, you can learn about Smith’s business goals, his conditioning, his other off-the-field projects and, probably most interestingly to Cowboys fans, the state of that knee, that nerve, that ankle and that dropfoot situation that he says is “better than ever.”

(Photo: 247Sports)

“The topic of discussion has been about me not having to wear the brace anymore,” Jaylon says. “It’s helped tremendously but this goes to show the constant growth of my recovery. I’ve had a great offseason. Now it’s time to get into camp and get ready for the season. … If I need (the brace), I’ll wear it. If I don’t, I won’t. Up to this point, I haven’t needed to wear it. We’re going to go into camp with me not wearing it. I’m excited.”

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