Deion Sanders Gives Incredibly Awkward Advice to Parents Who Baby Their Kids

​Ever since Deion Sanders retired from football, he has stayed in the spotlight as an analyst. He’s also quite active on social media, especially Twitter. 

Sometimes he ​tweets about sports, but some of his more interesting tweets are about giving general advice, usually themed around talking about the #Truth. On Friday, ​Sanders called out modern day parenting, giving questionable advice in the process. 

This was quite strange to see. 

I am not sure how old the kids are Deion is talking about, but that version of Jack & Jill might not be appropriate for younger kids. If anything, parents usually tell their kids the ‘truth’ at a certain age. 

​​It is also hilarious to see Sanders giving parenting advice, being a guy that has been through two divorces. I am not sure if I would take parenting advice from someone like that.

We like you preaching on Twitter, but maybe take it down a notch, Deion. 

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