10 things the Chiefs and Pats said about each other this week

To no surprise, this week’s collection of quotes between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots isn’t quite as entertaining as what came out before the Chiefs and Jaguars game last week. 

Bill Belichick’s Patriots as always played things close to the vest this week, with both teams by and large avoiding the type of bulletin board material that came outl ast week. Perhaps there may have been a quote or two that may or may not fire up Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, but by and large, the quotes that came from both teams were by and large complimentary and respectful.

But there was at least one great Belichick moment, as well as some quotes of interest from both coaching staffs about their upcoming opponent, plus there were also some words of interest on the Gronk-Kelce debate.

And, of course, this week’s quarterbacks gave their thoughts on what they’ve seen from each other’s games. 

Read on for some of what the Chiefs and Patriots said about one another this week. 

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