Cowboys StarCAST: Dak Carryover and the Amari Cooper trade idea

FRISCO – On this edition of ‘Cowboys STARcast,’ Jamie Horton sits down with Cowboys247 columnist Patrik Walker to continue to heap praise upon the Cowboys after a masterful 40-7 beatdown of the Jacksonville Jaguars and that AFC power’s once-top ranked defense. Wide receiver Cole Beasley had too much sauce and QB Dak Prescott had too much swagger — and all the zone-read type offensive weaponry he himself can bring. It all worked and at 3-3, confidence has been restored. ….

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Or has it? When it comes to Prescott, we really believe we are going to see a repeat, in terms of philosophy, of was we saw Dak and this offense did last week to dismantle the Jags. And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, speaking Friday morning on 105.3 The Fan, said as much. He also reiterated his belief that Dak is a franchise QB. Why?

“Because I’ve seen him do the things that give you long-term promise for a quarterback,” Jones said on G-Bag Nation. “He’s extraordinarily diligent in his preparation. He carries preparation as good as anybody I’ve ever seen from the class room to the practice field. And then from the practice field to the game. That’s a huge ingredient when it comes to the quarterback. He needs to be able to, frankly, outwork everybody. And he does.”

“He does have all the tools,” Jones continued. “He’s got the arm. He’s got the size. He’s does have passing instincts. And of course if you were going to complain or critique, you have to look at what we’ve done passing in those last 10 games. But I know where we’re trying to go with him and the receiver corps.”

The Cowboys have alternated wins and losses through the first six weeks of the season, yet none of those wins have come away from AT&T Stadium. Is it a brand new home-field advantage, or simply a matter of scheduling circumstance? Like the Cowboys offense, none of what you just read made any sense, but maybe that’s the point. But seriously … in the Cowboys’ own in-the-building opinion, the struggles on the road are about “communication,” as we wrote on Thursday:

Usually in pro sports, when the fellas call a team meeting, it’s a sign of conflict, maybe even a sign of desperation … and usually the action is a secretive one. All of that makes Thursday in the Dallas Cowboys locker room here inside The Star a unique one … because the meeting was held, the meeting was revealed to the media, and the issue was communicated.

And what issue was communicated? The issue of “communication.”

“We addressed the elephant in the room as an offense,” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said. “I think it was great. It was a great meeting. We had the whole offense in there and just talking among the coaches and players about the thing maybe we need to do better on the road — just communication.”

Meanwhile, we believe we’ve got the answers regarding what is going to happen to the Dallas linebackers on Sunday. From our story earlier this week, which seems to be magically coming to fruition:

They’ve had their own in-house debate over the importance of getting linebacker Sean Lee on the field as soon as possible vs. taking advantage of an annual schedule quirk that would allow him another expanding period of rehab.

But Sean Lee’s own answer to the debate? He’s been on the practice field in preparation for playing at Washington on Sunday — and, I’m told, he was atop the triangular rotation of the two linebacking spots, leading the group with Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch behind him.

That in-house debate is normal and understandable. On the one hand, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has cited the fact that following the Washington game, Dallas has a bye in Week 8 before it plays its eighth game, at home against the Tennessee Titans on Monday, November 5. Should Lee be held out of the Redskins game, his hamstring will end up being given five weeks of rest and rehab.

On the other hand, as coach Jason Garrett notes, they only play 16 of these things. Opportunities are fleeting. And players want to play — a mantra especially fitting for Lee.

“Believe me,” Lee told me, “I’m doing everything I can to be on the field where I belong.”

And there are other concerns and other headliners here. What of Leighton Vander Esch, Byron Jones Jaylon Smith, Anthony Brown, Tavon Austin, and… Amari Cooper? We’re discussing them all inside this StarCAST. It’s a jam-packed edition of ‘Cowboys STARcast’ … listen in!

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