VIDEO: Dak Prescott muscles through Saints for key first down

This is what determination looks like.

Dak Prescott knows what’s at stake in Week 13, and it’s not simply a chance to start pulling away in the NFC East. Defeating the 10-1 and seemingly unstoppable New Orleans Saints would emotionally propel the Dallas Cowboys to heights not yet seen this season, and could carry into the playoffs. On third down in the fourth quarter, trying to stave off their enemy from the east, Prescott made sure to do all he could to land this first down.

He simply wouldn’t go down.

The biggest test for the Cowboys in 2018 has arrived.

They’ve seen their fair share of must-win scenarios already this season, as they worked to repair the 3-5 start that nearly buried their playoff hopes. Now surging to the tune of a three-game win streak, including two on the road, they’ll play host to the best team in the NFL when the New Orleans Saints come marching into Arlington for Thursday Night Football in Week 13. Although the 10-1 record they carry is tied with that of the Los Angeles Rams, the Saints are the team responsible for the Rams’ lone loss, and are averaging over 40 points per game over their last four outings — leading the league with an average of 37.2 ppg this season.

Shut them down and shock the world, or get ready for another must-win in Week 14 when the Cowboys host the Eagles

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